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Build Your Business with EAR System

Wouldn’t it feel extraordinary in the event that you had a taking after regardless of what business you get included with? You would most likely have a craving for King Midas since it would appear like all that you touch transformed into gold.

what’s the issue with many system advertisers not succeeding?

We go to a level of narrow-mindedness that thwarts us from developing our organizations.

What do I mean about this?

Well we are more concentrate on our prosperity more so than we are centered around others. We need so terrible for individuals to purchase our items/administrations or go along with us in our business, that we don’t generally consider what they’re searching for.

Joe Girard, recognized as the worlds greatest sales, went by the “Rule of 52”, which means that for every customer you have, they know 52 people that they can refer business to you.

Now how many people do you know that are referring business to you?

Usually in this industry, not too many. You’re probably lucky if you get 5 referrals. Sad but true.

So how can you improve this statistic?

According to Dan S. Book “The Ultimate Marketing Plan” you can use the EAR formula. This is the acronym for EARN, ASK, Recognize and Reward

The majority of Network and Online Marketers have this “Every man for himself” mentality which can be a big part of why a lot aren’t getting the success they want.

So lets go through EAR and see what we can do to rectify this.


You want to earn your referrals. Find out what people are looking for and do it so well that they can not stop talking about you.

If you’re doing online marketing, can you name the people who you actually learned a lot from and apply some of their techniques? I bet you can name of few. And I bet you referred them to other people.

Now what accommodations are you making for your fellow network/online marketers and others?

Are you flooding them with value, or are you just focused on making money from them?

You can do what the leaders do, which are blogging, webinars, trainings, etc.. You also have the option to use their material or maybe have them do a valuable training.


Asking for referrals is not being selfish. If you present your opportunity, products or services to someone and it’s not what their looking for, maybe they know someone that is looking for what you have.


This makes you really attractive if you apply this. If you’re a blogger, recognize the readers that come to your blog consistently. If you do webinars, you can also recognize those that come to your trainings.

People love rewards. Maybe you can give away an ebook with all of your marketing secrets. Or maybe give away some free training that maybe valued at 3000 dollars. You’re a rewarding a certain behavior so that this opens you up for more referrals.

When you’re always giving something the people want, your always getting something back. Sometimes 2 or 3 fold if not more. Either way it goes, you’re building a reputation that’s going to be attractive to people. When you can fulfill other’s needs, then you will receive tremendous blessings back.