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How to Autosyndicate Blog Posts?

In case you’re a blogger, you certainly need to draw in activity to your blog website. Also, on the off chance that you have a business, your key concentration is to pull in a specific market of individuals to your site.

On the off chance that you need to pull in more movement, you need to put your posts on high activity destinations.

There are many out there like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter that will empower many individuals to see your posts.

As bloggers, in addition to the fact that we are sharing our posts, additionally we share other individuals’ blog entries too. Other than the way that we trust in karma, what we give returns to us, yet there are heaps of fascinating data out there to help every one of us develop our organizations.

The web has changed how we do promoting and Social Media Marketing has made it less demanding for us.

Many businesses and people are using Social Media in order to get the word out faster about their business, products and services. Now you can read a wider audience of people at very low costs or for free.

Social Media Sites are a haven to home business owners, especially the one’s the blog because now they don’t have to limit themselves to their local area. They can know expose their business to an even world wide audience.

There are plenty of home business communities on social media. There are so many groups you can join that can help you build your business. There are also blogging tribes and groups that help promote your home business.

Within these tribes you’re able to learn from others on what strategies to use to grow your business online or offline. Sharing great information like this will attract many people to you, but there’s one thing.

As many bloggers there are, it can get really tedious going through each blog to share content as well as sharing your own. So What Can You Do???


Twitterfeed is a great tool you can use in order to automatically syndicate (share) blog posts in order to get traffic.

This is where working together with your fellow home business bloggers comes into play. Once you get your account set up with Twitterfeed, everyone can help each other out by autosyndicating each other’s blog posts.

One thing to remember when you approach someone, make sure you build a strong rapport with them before asking them to place your blog into their account in order for them to autosyndicate your posts.

The rudest thing I’ve seen on facebook is when strangers or someone who just added you as a friend are so quick to talk about their business and want you to check out their link without getting to know you, or at least getting to know if you’re looking for an opportunity.

The ones that are doing this are usually the ones that’s not making money with their businesses. Unless you are getting leads, this would not be a great approach.

Like attracts like. In order for you to really take advantage of what facebook marketing, twitter marketing, or LinkedIn marketing has to offer you, do a search on tribes and blogging communities in your niche. Join them, build rapport with the people, so that all of you can work as a team in syndicating each other’s blog posts.