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I am from Newport Beach and Zuma and we said it in 78 -- not sure if it was used earlier but we used it by '78 for sure. We used it to describe when waves break like a barrel. Her name is OndreaOnndrea Wil-son. You would have been over heard all this exagerated lingo at the Encino Gallaria in the very early 80's. In Moon Unit Zappa and her dad put out the song that lit the fire: Valley Girl -- and from that day forward the world began to mock the So Cal Val's adopted surf lingo and make fun of it or acutally USE it themselves. I idolized Mark Richards, the surfer, so I can assure you tubular didn't originate in god damed Jersey '88 like two hodads claimed in one of definitions. What a JOKE. I'm 41 and lived it first hand.

Accuracy eyebrow raise, activate! Dear Capt. Akin to a lot of your readers I think? My problem, though, is essentially from a different quarter. What happens is that some guy I appreciate a little bit will start amateur dramatics weird around me. The Rock would like you to know that The Rock does not approve of these passive-aggressive shenanigans. The most recent dude to do this is a associate whose desk is next to abundance.

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Altogether you know is something a acquaintance told you he said. But you need to step up and ban programming your mind with garbage. Assume about it. There are tons of women… even women who are married… who have never experienced having men obsessed with them, chasing them, idolizing them… you have. I lose activity once guys become interested in me. People can be funny animals by times. These girls loved the career.

Add together a comment 7 Dude, as a colloquial term of address, is gender-neutral. It's also somewhat familiar. That tells me dude is rather common, comparatively. The people who thought Stewart was being too familiar were largely older, or more formal generally, or all the rage the press and found it a breach of etiquette. I am accordingly used to hearing people address all other as dude, I didn't constant notice! The first time I was addressed as dude, I was an adult, and this was about fifteen years ago. Since I am lady, it hit my ear wrong. The guy yes, guy who called me dude said it was a call of endearment, so that put me at ease.