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I had sex with an ex today. I think he wants to date me. My parents would love that. I puff up with jealousy. I am on my flannel sheets scrolling through random travel blogs. A spa in Ottawa catches my eye.

Canada Christie Blatchford: Prison no place designed for mentally ill Ottawa woman convicted of keeping teen sex slaves These were serious, genuine crimes, with genuine victims. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Christie Blatchford: Confinement no place for mentally ill Ottawa woman convicted of keeping teen femininity slaves Back to video What is very much up for grabs is whether Budd has the capacity — intellectual, emotional — to understand the gravity of what she was accomplishment, and how on earth anyone could imagine that jail is the area for her. She got worse, sicker. She tied upward of a half dozen of those ligatures around her neck, sometimes until blood vessels all the rage her face burst, every day. She was 19 when she died, of asphyxiation, on Oct. She had a succession of abusive, cruel boyfriends — most of whom knocked her a propos one way or the other, after that several of whom her parents allowed to live in their home.

Philip Marchand: What about love? Back en route for video A true lover adores constant the bodily imperfections of the adore, and Dionne Brand, a novelist along with a longstanding ardour for Toronto, cherishes even ugly parts of the capital. If nothing else, these blemishes be able to set off moments of beauty. Equally, however, seem to be rare commodities, sought for in unlikely settings after that with sharpened awareness. One character named June, for example, considers the common sparrows. It also needs protection adjacent to human ill will. Mercede, an expressively damaged mother of two other characters, Lia and Germano, is a argument in point.

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