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In the summer ofa year-old government contractor exposed detailed evidence of Russian interference in the election. Reality Winner printed out classified U. Intelligence documents, hid the papers in her pantyhose as she left work and then put them in the mail to The Intercept. The report they published was the first piece of concrete evidence shared with the public proving that the United States possessed tangible evidence that Russians hackers attacked American voting systems. A fter The Intercept published the story — complete with scans of the original papers — authorities immediately traced the leak back to Reality Winner. She was arrested, denied bail and is now serving five years in a federal prison. Kerry Howley wrote an in-depth profile of Reality Winner for New York Magazine and joins to share the compelling story of who Winner is, why she did it and the severe treatment she's received at the hands of the United States government. We don't even know what it costs necessarily. That's massively geographically distributed and involvesof our fellow Americans who go to work every day and can't tell their families what they do.

All the rage the modern era, appraisals of femininity roles have advanced considerably. Feminist movements, changing ideas of the ideal before attractive woman, and the overwhelming attractiveness of female characters who kick ass and take names has led en route for the formation of the Action Child : the now near-universal idea all the rage action-oriented fiction that being a female doesn't affect a character's ability en route for be an effective fighter. Naturally, not every female character in those facility is or even must be an action hero , but it's coarse enough that pretty much any account where people are expected to argue regularly will at least take a crack at it. They want the natural popularity of the character brand or the praise for defiance of gender norms and therefore appropriate its framing, but they end up declining into the same old pitfalls at the same time as the good old Damsel in Afflict or Satellite Love Interest.

Accomplish you think an abusive partner before ex is monitoring you through your phone? They might be using aggravation apps spyware that secretly track your devices. Stalking applications are apps before software that someone can download against your phone to track or check you. If an abuser has installed a stalking app on your buzz, your phone will probably look the same. But these clues may advise that a stalking app could allow been installed:.