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This quest can be accepted from the Collections tab, at which stage you will be directed to Quen. Alternatively, she will offer the quest herself if you encounter her naturally. To forestall any confusion—yes, we split the proceeds equally. And no, I will not budge on that point. What job? Well, allow me to explain! I need a partner for a difficult job.

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Although past consensual sexual relations, a person can be convicted of rape designed for a particular incident. When physical confirmation is scarce, the evidence comes along to which side is more authentic. It is even possible for a sexual encounter to begin as consensual and become an act of rape. The crime of rape consists of committing a sexual act usually defined as some form of penetration devoid of the other person's consent or adjacent to the person's will. Having sexual association with a woman who is accepted out or unconscious can be rape because the woman has not consented to the sexual act and does not have the capacity to accept to it. Having sexual intercourse along with or forcing sex on a female who is objecting or saying denial is rape because it is adjacent to her will.