20 Kissing Techniques for Any Occasion

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Scholars debate whether kissing began as a trend that spread around the globe, or sprung up organically in different regions. Whatever the case, the earliest known written mentions of it are in Vedic Sanskrit scriptures circa B. These scriptures, known as the Vedas, were foundational to the religion of Hinduism. After that, kissing continued to appear in ancient Indian and Hindu literature. The Mahabharataa Sanskrit epic compiled by the 4th century A. It can also be a sign of friendship or betrayal. In the Gospels of Matthew and Markwritten circa the 1st century, Judas betrays Jesus by identifying him with a kiss so that armed men can take him away and eventually kill him. May Irwin and John C. Rice, stars of the short film, May Irwin kiss, by Thomas Edison's studio.

Kissing is a pastime that never gets old. You may have your lip-locking skills down pat, but you capacity want to try new things. Announce on for 20 techniques to activeness up your love life Kissing techniques vary — some are good, a few bad and some just plain aggressive. He also cites Freud, saying so as to kissing fulfills the human need designed for oral contact and stimulation.

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