Weekender: 28 fun and festive things to do in Charlotte this weekend

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But the standard bar scene can get boring if it's the only setting on your social calendar, and trust us, there are plenty of fun things to do at a party other than hit the bar. For example, you could host a themed party at your home. Before you let out an audible gasp, think about how fun it would be to have your friends show up in '90s gear for a dance party featuring hits from the decade, or to have them scattered around your neighborhood looking for clues during a scavenger hunt. Not only will these get-togethers be memorable, but you'll likely learn more about your group's dynamics than you would waiting for the next round to arrive.

Weekender: 28 fun and festive things en route for do in Charlotte this weekend Frost skating at the Whitewater Center. Choice dates and times now through December 22; 10am to 7pm. Expect a lineup of more than 40 vendors, holiday music, tons of lights, drifting drinks like spiced wine and angry cocoa, and of course delicious German fare. Ice Skating at the Whitewater Center: The seasonal ice skating rink has an all-new ice skating dangle in the Upper Pond — escalate the total size of the rink to more than 24, square feet. Skate rentals are included in the ticket price.

Jane Mairs, Director of English language Culture Publishing Over the weekend, on the weekend, at the weekend Monday January 12th Question Many learners have asked about the difference between these three phrases: over the weekend, on the weekend, and at the weekend. Come back with Over the weekend Over the weekend means the same thing as all through the weekend. It is used en route for talk about something that happened before will happen between Friday evening after that Sunday evening. Below are some examples showing how native English speakers as a rule use over the weekend.

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