15 Reasons You Keep Waking Up in the Middle of the Night According to Doctors

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Your body has a natural biological, or circadian, rhythm. Some people prefer to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Others may rev up in evening hours, becoming more productive as the evening passes. Sleep hygiene Another reason you may not be able to fall asleep after 10 or 20 minutes is because of a poor nighttime routine. You need to facilitate sleep for your body in the same way every night to achieve quality sleep. This includes: avoiding late exercise not drinking caffeinated beverages by a certain hour of the day usually 6 hours before bed powering down your screens a half hour or so before bed Making sure your bedtime stays relatively consistent is also key to quality sleep and falling asleep within the normal range. Getting too much sleep can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. Sleep disorder Another reason you may not be able to fall asleep is because of an underlying sleep condition like insomnia.

Rao, who is originally from Nanjing, moved to financial hub Shanghai about five years ago to work for a multinational pharmaceutical company. The job abruptly took over her life. Often, Rao would stay up surfing the internet, reading the news and watching online videos until well after midnight. Her post clearly struck a chord. The earliest mention this reporter found was in a blog post dated November , although its origins likely predate this. Gu Bing works a allocation but sacrifices sleep for pastimes after that fun: My friends and I, we converse at night and sometimes we write songs together. The tech companies who created culture tend to be based in big cities, and their work practices have influenced other sectors. Gu Bing, a year-old creative administrator at a digital agency in Shanghai, often works late and considers available to sleep before an early dark.

At the outset, understand that waking up in the middle of the night is absolutely normal and part of our being DNA, says Jose Colon, M. Colon says. In fact, he says constant four to six nocturnal awakenings are considered normal. That last part is key: You should be able en route for go back to sleep.