Diary: Nothing says home like waiting for 60 minutes at the border

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They share the responses of Latinx and African parents enrolled in the 8-week project titled, The San Diego Caregiver-Child Connections SDC3 Project, to the topics of colorism and the symbolism and meaning of hair within their families and community. Four graduate students of color who participated in the training and facilitated the groups relate deeply personal stories about their journeys with hair and colorism. They share their reflections on the complexities of hair for parents and children of color. The intertwining of engaging personal and professional stories offers a rich window into hair combing time as an intervention, and as a pathway to healing, and research. They share their hair combing stories with moments of awareness and remembrance and a call to do things differently. References Butler Byrd, N.

Accept to Cornell. Ithaca, NY The Cornell Raptor Program is pleased to allocate that we have successfully placed individual of our resident bald eagles along with the Menominee Park and Zoo all the rage Oshkosh, Wisconsin! Pappi came into our care in after a gunshot abrasion necessitated a partial amputation of his left wing. The Cornell Equine Common is the hidden gem of the College of Veterinary Medicine with acres of green pastures, stall main hangar, stallion and broodmare barns, all a lesser amount of than two miles away from the College. The horses are really the teachers here, more so than the people.