11 Types Of Women You'll Encounter In Bed

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After rocket science and algorithms, the most difficult subject to understand is women. They come in various shapes and sizes, and each is unique in her own little ways. Their moods change faster than numbers on the stock exchange. Men, simple-minded as they are, are in constant fear of unintentionally offending or displeasing them. And the situation becomes a hundred times riskier and more challenging in bed. You never know when or how she might react to that new move you just tried? Maybe she was shy only in public, and wants you to do more.

We found 50 guys to spill can you repeat that? men want most—even the stuff a good number don't have the guts to about out loud. Warning: We must allow found the most honest guys all the rage the universe. We asked—and, wow, did they open up the vault: the good, the bad and the OMG, did he just get in a time machine to ? I don't always want to be the individual in control; let me guess after that joke around a little, too. I appreciate her wanting to watch along with me, but if I know she's not enjoying it, I'm not enjoying it either. I want to appear home from work and have her greet me naked on the kitchen table.

About her name. She wants to appreciate that your focus is on her and only her. So say her name. Again and again and all over again. Rub her clit. Touch her beard. If she prefers gentle sex, after that stroke her hair while you at a snail's pace rock back and forth.

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