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Thanks to the magic of the internet and a few well-chosen tools, you can invite your family and friends into the same virtual space and tune into whatever your heart desires, no matter where your crew actually is. Kast is the most comprehensive video-watching option here, but it comes with a price. From the dashboard, hit Create Party to set things up. Then, invite guests by sending them the link to your party or searching for their Kast username. Start the party by using the icons at the bottom of the window to browse videos or share your screen. Hit Start the party to get a unique session URL, which you can pass along to your fellow watchers.

You don't need to travel to accomplish new friends. Self-isolation and shelter-in-place orders mean, among other things, that desire to travel is at an all-time high. Although travelers are born innovators. Many are refusing to let the pandemic compress their bucket lists, flocking to effective museum tours and skipping the ancestry for Disney rides via YouTube. Although what about those of us who travel for connection? All you basic is a new pen pal. It may be a blast from discipline days past, but the pen buddy world is still around. And at once, these pen pal-matching platforms are add relevant than ever.