Looking for your COVID vaccine record? Here's where you'll find it and what else you'll see

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We're talking about vaccines more than ever in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, debating the benefits of one manufacturer over another and sharing post-jab selfies, but do you know what else you're vaccinated against? Most of us wouldn't have had a reason to check out your vaccination record. If you're out of high school and under 70, it's likely your next routine jab under the National Immunisation Schedule is decades away. If you're considering your immunisation history for the first time, here's what you should know. You can see what you're vaccinated against, but also the things that might be missing. In the statement, you should be able to see your COVID vaccinations — if you've had them — and other vaccinations included in the National Immunisation Program Schedule. This is the standard set of jabs given to Australians when they reach certain ages.

Covid lockdown: Seven enduring claims fact-checked A lot of in these groups share a certainty that the coronavirus pandemic has been concocted by a shadowy global best for sinister purposes. Concerns about vaccines - including totally unfounded beliefs so as to simply being near a vaccinated person can make you ill - are driving them to try to assemble online and offline communities away as of the mainstream. Activists are trying en route for establish elements of a parallel background as an alternative to vaccinated association. In Michele's case she's looking en route for rent one of the rooms all the rage her property to someone who is unvaccinated. Image caption, A flat allocate post from an unvaccinated Telegram arrange It was such a good aim because if you're living in collective accommodation and the other people about you don't have the same views it could become a constant barney within the house. This is a great turning point, Michele says. We could go down a very bleak side, or we could go all the rage on all we might end ahead having to sort of [living] two completely separate lives. However, she shares the rising concern of many ancestor who consider themselves to be alert that they are being persecuted designed for not having the vaccine. That's a reference to the system of compulsory racial segregation that existed in South Africa - a comparison which a lot of people outside these circles would achieve offensive.

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