The Secret to Happiness Is Helping Others

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Leisure is the prize, right? We work hard, so we want to play hard; we look forward to our time off, believing that the more leisure time we have, the better life will be. Enjoying that time — or savouring that coveted end goal — should come naturally. However, research shows that both having and deciding how to spend leisure time can be very stressful. Some people feel enormous pressure to maximise their downtime with the best choices: researching more, anticipating and spending more money. But, as data prove, this pressure to maximise our fun might get in the way of our enjoyment of leisure itself. Additionally, some people struggle to view leisure as worthwhile at all.

Along with every season change comes that burning itch for a new celeb-inspired hairstyle. Bangs definitely make for a youthful additional look see everyone from Kerry Washington to Taylor Swift and they appreciatively work for curly hair textures, also. But though they appear effortless, the build-up isn't quite as breezy. But you're considering making the cut, we've gathered everything you need to appreciate before you get bangs, so you have no regret. As Laura Polko, Sexy Hair ambassador and celebrity hairstylist explains it, bangs can always be in-style if they're a look you genuinely want to try, as elongate as you've taken the time en route for consider all the variables that appear with them. Polko advises to assume of factors like the amount of upkeep more on that later! A post shared by Laura Polko laurapolko.

It's something I've asked him hundreds of times and a thought that rolls around my head when I'm trying to fall asleep at night. En route for me, the most defining characteristic of womanhood is sitting in front of the mirror, wondering if the absolute type of bangs will change your life. Now, I wouldn't go at the same time as far to say that bangs be able to be life-changing, but I strongly accept as true that everyone can benefit from them. If you prefer yourself bangless, choose, continue on. But if you've always wondered, Can I pull off bangs?