All the new songs notable lyrics and biggest changes on Taylor Swift's rerecorded 'Fearless'

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Of the from-the-vault songs, four are new releases on Friday. The best is Don't You, a slow bop that sonically could have ended up on her album but lyrically sounds like if the main character of Folklores The 1 ran into her ex before going to therapy. More: The 10 best albums ofincluding Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Chloe x Halle Swift's country twang is back A big question heading into the rerecords: Would Swift, a Pennsylvania native who has since moved into the pop and indie spheres revive the country twang she used in her earlier work? The answer, we're thrilled to confirm, is yes. It isn't as noticeable as the original and Swift has a more mature and slightly wider vocal range than she did as a teen, but the emphasis on the r in Fearless and some long, drawn-out Is and Ys undeniably mark a return of yee-haw Taylor. None of the musical edits feel wildly different from the original, though there are small instances that feel like Easter eggs to hardcore fans, including a noticeable new inflection on mama in Fifteen, a note change in Love Story's so close your eyes and an altogether smoother chorus in The Way I Loved You.

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