Bi-fold or sliding doors – how to choose the right option for your home

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Equally, they are one of the main additions people use to maximise natural light in the home when they are extending or planning a renovation. The main differences when it comes to bi-fold vs sliding doors for your house are important to consider, both practically and stylistically, and they could quite easily become the wow-factor design feature that you have been looking for. To make sure you make the right decision when picking the best types of doors for you, follow our guide to choosing the perfect glazed doors for your project. What are bi-fold doors? Bi-fold doors — which are also known as folding-sliding doors — slide open panels concertinaing neatly together.

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Three and four track sliding doors allow deep thresholds and it is central that the floor structure will acclimatize this detail. Early planning to avert disappointment and unnecessary expense The approach we achieve the desired threshold acme between the inside and outside of bi folding or sliding doors is to plan for it in build up before the build is 'out of the ground'. Knowing the depth of the threshold profile he will be able to accommodate for any extend beyond into the cavity area. The designer will also be able to choose the correct size of damp attestation membrane to go under the beginning profile and ensure that this is installed correctly to provide necessary clamminess protection.