Fall Color Map & Fall Leaves Schedule

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Places to visit at this time: Burial ground Fields: While not at a 6,foot elevation, Graveyard Fields along the Azure Ridge Parkway traditionally is one of the first areas to see accident color because of the particular bury species found there. Take a climb here to see multiple waterfalls framed in fall color. Grandfather Mountain: Ahead of schedule leaves are also on display by Grandfather Mountain which includes the celebrated Mile High Swinging Bridge and a number of favorite hiking areas. In the advent weeks, both Grandfather Mountain and Accumulate Mitchell will provide great vantage points to see fall color in the valleys. Mount Mitchell State Park: You'll likely see color change beginning arrange the approach road up to the summit of Mount Mitchell , the highest peak east of the Mississippi River. Drive or hike to the top for an unrivaled view, after that bring a jacket—the weather is a lot much cooler up here! The acme is primarily evergreen balsam trees, accordingly the fall color tends to be on the approach road and slopes below. While the colors won't be at the summit it's a balding , the top provides a careful view of the changing colors beneath.

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Choose keep in mind that we are continuing to endure the repercussions of the virus and the requirements a propos capacities, social distancing and mask mandates will still be everchanging throughout our season. Our policies and procedures can change after we are able en route for assess how operationally efficient they aim out to be so we ask for your patience and understanding. Employees will be required to have their temperature checked before each shift after that will be required to wear facemasks. Employees will be required to consume hand sanitizer and hand washing commonly on a consistent schedule.