Don’t Say “Nice to Meet You” When Speaking English to Someone You Already Know

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Some meetings are good and some of them are bad. We become clueless. But what we often forget that our personality is hidden in our replies. With a smart reply, you can make a good impression of yours but with a bad one, your impression can be tarnished. You too. Let us try someplace new the next time. I did, too. We should do this again sometime.

Which i like Other tips aren't abysmal, but neither are you! Understanding is better than grammar. Nice to assemble you it was nice to assemble you. A polite expression used after leaving the person you just met. I better go.

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Essentially, this common phrase is actually barely ever used in one very aspect situation — the very first age that you meet someone. For example: — Hey nice to meet you teacher! What do you mean careful to meet me? For example: — Yesterday I met my mother. How was the experience? Obviously, they can check and ask for clarification as this is not an entirely coherent sentence.