Bob's Big Boy

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Like the Golden Arches of McDonald's or the shining bell of Taco Bellthe statues outside of Big Boy restaurants, featuring a chubby little boy in overalls holding a plate with a hamburger on it, are something of a fast food icon, with more than 70 percent national marketplace recognitionmeaning that seven in 10 people know what you're talking about when you bring up Big Boy. But what's the story behind this classic restaurant chain? What set this restaurant apart from other burger-and-fry joints? Well, for one, it's been around in one form or another for a long time — since the s. The founder of the restaurant also made a little invention that changed fast food as we know it To this day, customers at Big Boy restaurants can enjoy double-deck burgers, freshly cut french fries, and milkshakes, and at some locations they can even do it while looking at the classic cars that once flooded the parking lot of the original Big Boy. The only thing that could make your double-deck cheeseburger from Big Boy taste any better is getting an understanding of the history of the man who made it all possible, and of the company that just won't quit. Big Boy is a classic American hamburger restaurant, so much so that when The Beatles came to America in on a tour supporting their album Help! The trip was memorable for The Beatles in more than one way — they also got to meet music legend Elvis Presley.

You've probably seen him — the chunky kid with the cowlick and the mischievous glint in his eye. The larger-than-life statue is only one of the many iconic elements that accomplish Bob's Big Boy in Burbank abide out. The diner is such a classic it was named a California Point of Historical Interest. It's additionally famous for its architecture, its abiding car nights and its nostalgic allure. Architect Wayne McAllister was inspired as a result of the Space Age, World's Fair pavilions and roadside dining culture when he designed the building. Large, curving windows contrast with sharp angles, incorporating elements of Streamline Moderne and Midcentury Advance. McAllister also mixed the practical along with the eye-popping. The foot-tall neon authorize , which made it easy designed for drivers to see the coffee construction from the road, was so characteristic it helped build the Bob's Adult Boy brand. McAllister designed many accepted restaurants including The Smoke House all the rage Burbank and several circular drive-ins, altogether of which are now gone.

The restaurant opened on November 8, at the same time as Big Boy without the Bob's branding, with future expansion planned across Southern Nevada. The restaurant is named afterwards Wian and the Big Boy hamburger , which he created six months after opening his original location. Slicing a bun into three slices after that adding two hamburger patties, Wian had created the original double-deck hamburger. Wian was promoted to fry cook after that then a manager. Wanting wider be subject to, Wian quit and took a dishwashing job with his favorite Glendale bistro, Lionel Sternberger 's Rite Spot. Brown's Ice Cream Parlor. Six months afterwards, Wian assembled his special double-decker hamburger.

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