What to Do After You Hurt Your Partner

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Are they just stubborn? To be clear, even the most conscientious among us occasionally fails to apologize. For these people, admitting wrongdoing and offering an apology is too psychologically threatening. People who cannot apologize often have such deep feelings of low self-worth that their fragile egos cannot absorb the blow of admitting they were wrong. So their defense mechanisms kick in — at times, unconsciously — and they may externalize any blame and even dispute basic facts to ward off the threat of having to lower themselves by offering an apology.

Acquire Help There are times when your partner will be upset with you. Maybe you'll know why they're affront, or maybe you'll have no evidence what you did to hurt them. While you may prefer to avert further conflict and wait for things to blow over, research shows so as to tackling the issue head-on is as a rule the best course of action. All the same it may be uncomfortable at at the outset, cleaning up your emotional messes be able to lead to honest conversations that advantage your relationship in the long administer. Please note that this article is not about the hurt caused as a result of emotional or physical abuse.

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