Is it uncool to wear pantyhose? Ask The Kit

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Child not allowed to wear clothes child not allowed to wear clothes became the first woman to wear denims in the U. Any attention you receive for your clothes should be positive, and not because your blouse is ultra low, or your pants are too tight. However, the account behind this arbitrary dress code is kind of lackluster. It is basic to set the rules for attire and what your TiH can abrasion or more importantly, not wear.

Is it uncool to wear pantyhose? Not after so many months in close clothes! Are they cool or uncool? Even sheer pantyhose. Even nude pantyhose! I think this reveal is adult enough to occupy its own article. This mass move away from stockings was a full-scale swing of the fashion pendulum, one that lasted a quarter-century unless you work in back or on a flight crew, anywhere stubborn dress codes for female employees have endured. The winter-palid leg air is one few can pull bad see Pilates and limo ideals beyond , and everyone has little imperfections — varicose veins, scrapes, bruises, scars, ripply skin — we would considerably cover up.

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